website design

Successful online presence starts with well thought-out website design and content delivery which accurately represents your brand and what your business offers

the web services we offer

website design and development

Whether you are a large corporate looking for a size appropriate website with intranet or client login facility, or a SME looking for a smaller website or ecommerce integration – TDS is the right team to get the job done!

domain registration and web hosting

We provide domain name registration, domain parking, annual hosting renewal and management services. We cater for all types of domains, from local South African to International domains, keeping you connected 24/7.​

ecommerce integration

Do you want to start making money from your website by turning it into an E-Commerce site? Part of our success has been simplifying the process and successfully moving many businesses from traditional brick and mortar operations to running exclusively online!


If your company’s website and software security was breached, how much would you stand to lose? Is it really worth the risk?​ You protect your companies premises, vehicles, office equipment and computers, but are you protecting your website? Is it adequately protected against being hacked?​
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